Seven Minutes from the Sun

For two voices, violin, piano & dance

In collaboration with

Johanna V. Hayes, Dancer & Choreographer

“This poignant multimedia work was brought to life by Julia’s intellectual design of both lyric and sound. In this project I enjoyed the way Julia was able to take abstract concepts and translate them into motifs in the music. I appreciated Julia’s dedication to cultivating a truly collaborative environment and also her willingness to dive into process; not just product. I felt as though every detail was taken into account to create a work that walked the fine line of being personal yet multidimensional. Working with Julia was inspiring, invigorating, and inviting. I will always look forward to collaborations with Julia Barry.”

The Process

Collaborative Art

To use the stories and inspirations of both the creators and the performers, culminating in a collaboratively-created art piece.

Project Details


Feel: Modern, expansive.

Details: Create an interdisciplinary art piece about loss, memory, and time. Use collaborative and iterative practice to experiment and create together. Make a genuinely expressive piece.

The End


Julia Barry’s multi-movement piece of music was performed by mezzo (Taïs Szilagi), tenor (Sevan K. Greene), violin (Leonard Fu), and piano (Napat Mingkwanyuen), simultaneous to dance video by Johanna V. Hayes (danced by Johanna V. Hayes and Austin Silavong).