Freedom Forward Campaign

Site Redesign

Project Goals

Website Redesign is a website project of Freedom Forward, an organization advancing democracy and human rights worldwide. In anticipation of a campaign aimed at ending dictatorships around the world, Freedom Forward requested a new landing page that would better engage users and feature an elevated design sense that matched their prowess and contemporary sensibilities in the field. They felt that their current website lacked smooth user experience, and that the design–with lots of red and black and sensationalist font sizing–was off-putting, rather than welcoming.

Specific Requests


Feel: Modern, colorful, bold, inspiring, freedom- and solutions-oriented.

Details: Previous logo and pre-existing Twitter card art was to be kept, but a new, brighter aesthetic was to be built around them, tying them together. Intuitive solutions for users to Tweet at politicians and celebrities was to be highlighted, while petition, partner, and footer sections were to be cleaned and updated into the new palette and style. Target audience included grassroots networks and individuals effected by pertinent issues.

The End


Various spacial solutions for Tweet-at section were developed, utilizing pre-existing graphic cards and adding the Twitter logo to make their clickability and function clear. Use of varying blues with bright pink subtley reference the American flag and the concept of democracy and freedom for all, without any association to party or being overly political. Bold arrows indicate the forward motion this progressive organization aims to make, while also helping to demarcate action sections for the site visitor. The petition section is simple and clear, making participation easy. Partner logos, Twitter cards, and all text on the site was built to be updated by the client.