Mozilla’s Rust Programming Language

A language empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software

Site Redesign

Project Goals

Modular Website Design

Rust is a progressive sub-project of Mozilla (you may know them as the makers of the popular Firefox browser). Because Rust is a project aimed more at social good than profit, their original website was built as a repository, without design. It was time to bring everything together in a bright, bold, inviting look with site organization that would make using Rust even easier and more widespread!

Specific Requests


Feel: Bold, clean, welcoming.

Details: The Rust team came to Julia Barry Productions looking for a fun but polished look. Because a central part of their mission is to be as inclusive and empowering as possible, they requested slab fonts and universally-appealing, bright colors. Through our consulting and Discovery meetings, we decided upon using the contrast of charcoal and white, with blue and purple color accents. Because Rust has (and will make) many web properties and wanted the new styles to be applicable anywhere, the team requested a stacked, modular design, meaning that individual sections of it could be used in any order, anywhere on their websites, and still look great. Placeholder images (to be replaced by images by their staff artist in future) were to be chosen to represent a concise, strong, but accessible look.

The End


By alternating bold background colors and using the Rust logo as a connective watermark, each section is clear to understand by itself as well as in context. Icons, highlighted titles, and noticeable buttons draw the visitor to important points around the site, with the main Call to Action in the “Download” button well above the fold. Peeking content from the next section indicates the presence of more to come, and invites the visitor to continue scrolling. Testimonials from reputable companies that use Rust encourage trust and spark excitement for the visitor to try Rust in their own lives. A clickable map of Rust events caps off the homepage, increasing engagement.

2.Home-Design w Rust
3.Home-Rust in Production
5.Home-Bottom map