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Idealist says

Patrick Metzger, Senior Product Manager

Julia’s taste is impeccable. She helped our team at Idealist to make a microsite with a polished, eye-catching aesthetic. She took our brand and imagery and crafted the perfect engaging experience.

Project Goals

Website Design is an organization aiming to help people connect and collaborate for social good. “Idealist Days” was a project begun to encourage and help coordinate game nights all over the world — events where folks can get to know each other as people, foster empathy, and get inspired to work together on progressive goals. Idealist’s Executive Director, Ami Dar, published a piece on Medium, whose design feel and tone he wanted to emulate in a new microsite which would give information, incorporate teaser videos, and help people get engaged in their local “Idealist Day” each month.

Specific Requests


Feel: Contemporary yet friendly leader of the pack.

Details: On white, with color accents matching established brand style guide. Site to be designed around pre-existing logo and artwork. Simple, clean integration of video and social media feed embeds. Back-end interface to be created for staff to update independently.

The End


No one can say social change can’t be fun! Starting with artwork created by Mans Swanberg/Blacklist and a company style guide, we created a completely new, custom “Idealist Days” microsite to match. This site’s design is fun, minimal, modern, and welcoming, with playful colors and plenty of white space. We implemented a sticky footer and simple top menu so you’re always one click away from however you’d like to jump into the action; an uplifting balloon graphic balances out the top nav menu as it nearly floats off the page and into the real world. We integrated Idealist’s Facebook and Twitter feeds related to the Idealist Days page/hashtag to build up real-time buzz, and encapsulated them in custom branded design for a seamless look and experience. A slider with multiple videos was requested and built, keeping the site clean and the goal clear — with more content available for anyone who wanted to go deeper. A special user-friendly interface was built for internal staff’s updating of the site.