David Steinberg Music

Commercial Composer

David says

What I appreciated most was her listening to my ideas and taking them to the next level with often unexpected solutions that were both intelligent and creative. Julia did an outstanding job.

Project Goals

Website Design

David wanted a from-scratch site that would present his commercial compositions in a unique design. He had just completed a photo shoot, and wanted to narrow in on a look from there. The site was to house content in clear categories understood by industry professionals, with no fluff — but simultaneously with a sleek user experience. This meant technically handling video and audio links from a variety of sources, while presenting the media in an effortless unified look, controlled with intuitive navigation. The contact area was to be as important as other sections for easy hiring and collaborations.

Specific Requests


Feel: Creative but clean. Hip but mature.

Details: Use of large, high-quality photo to set the mood. Washed-out color scheme. Animated vertical menu and hover effects.

The End


It’s always fun to create a site from pure imagination! We created a totally unique experience based on David’s favorite photos from his shoot, and developed a look that portrayed what he wanted the site to say about himself and his work. In the end, David liked a muted hipster pastel palette¬†with a bold but somewhat mysterious photo as the initial view. His name is featured in a robust but nuanced font, which stands out in a creamy shade against the saturated background. The menu links were aligned to the right and offset from each other for a touch of original flavor, alongside smooth vertical transitions which project professional smoothness. Touch-up editing work was completed on the main image to do away with sections that were too dark and bold for David’s taste, as well as to clarify his eyes which were blurred in a distracting way in the original photo. The user experience of navigating around David’s content is sparse and straightforward so you will never be lost, but always engaged.