Boston Brain Integration

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Elizabeth says

Elizabeth McIntire, Owner and Practitioner

Julia Barry is a dream to work with. She’s technically savvy and has a great eye for beautiful as well intuitively functional designs. In my work in the alternative healthcare field, having a professional web presence is essential. I have had many clients find me because of the quality and caliber of my website. It really sets me apart from my peers. The site Julia created reflects me and what I do perfectly. She is a great and responsive listener, and she cares deeply about what she does. I can’t recommend her services highly enough!

Project Goals

Website Design

Elizabeth’s goal was to introduce her practice to new patients.¬†Elizabeth was looking for a design that projected competence and professionalism, yet was friendly and bright. She did not have photos of her own, so we planned to use stock photos and graphic elements to tie up the textual information on her site in an exciting way. Since Brain Integration is a fairly new field, Elizabeth wanted to prioritize answering potential customer’s questions with backing information and testimonials. She also wanted to present a multi-faceted schedule of where she practices in a simple way in the footer, and provide pre-visit forms for patients to fill out so they’d be able to make the most of their appointment time. This site was designed around a pre-existing logo and graphic styles, using Elizabeth’s favorite energizing and calming “sea” colors.

Specific Requests


Feel: An inviting but scientific vibe. East meets West.

Details: Organize a lot of textual information into an easy-to-navigate and understand visitor experience. Provide explanation and evidence backing her line of work. Position her as a high-quality service provider.

The End


The Boston Brain Integration site is based on a medical yet personal look achieved using a straightforward top menu and block page layout in combination with script heading fonts and Elizabeth’s beloved “sea” colors. Information about the treatments, as well as testimonials are easily accessible, to enhance viewer confidence. Elizabeth also uses video to explain how her practice can help ADD and ADHD, giving viewers a feel for her personality, and an understanding of how these techniques relate to salient issues of the day.